Calling you home to your Anicent DNA

Welcome to Lemuria. The time before confusion.

Lemuria is a moment in our consciousness that is governed by the principles of first light and the laws of nature. This means, we live in harmony with the land, water, sky, with all beings of nature, and, with one another.The memory of Lemuria is inside of all of us. This memory is what is guiding humanity at this time to evolve from feeling separated and disconnected to remembering our connection to all of life.As we consciously choose to embrace this remembering we expand into living as a loving and harmonious civilization with our beautiful planet and with all of nature.

How do my offerings serve?

All of my offerings and courses are rooted within the ancient wisdom and tools from Maori/Lemurian Elder, Mauta Taki.They all serve the intention of remembering our Lemurian consciousness so that you may once again, live in harmony with our planet, and all of life.By choosing to embark on this journey of remembering Lemuria, you are not only serving yourself by releasing all that is not in alignment with your authentic nature and with nature itself. You are also serving your family, lineage and community.This is known and guaranteed as we are all connected. You are one light in the many, and many lights in the one.

Photo credit: Agnes Slupek

Victoria aka Huna Ka Hi Wa Ha is an honored practitioner who studied under the House of Huna and the Huna Community. Having studied under Dragon Master Huna Mauta Kumara Taki aka Huna Flash, she has attained a mature knowledge of The Lemurian Light Energy Tools and Protocols. She is now ready to offer her services of high value to the global community, and wherever she is needed. Being a graduate of the Dragon Masters Intensive she is ready to travel locally and abroad to be of service beyond self. Victoria is a citizen of Canada, she comes to us from Vancouver in British Columbia. She is now serving her community to bring in the highest intentions of light. She is well equipped with the highest level of Light Tools to bring peace, joy and happiness to your community, and certainly your home. It is with the highest recommendations that I share this introduction to whomever will seek her service- Dragon Master, Huna Mauta Kumara Taki aka Huna Flash. Founder/President HOH holdings Inc.

Remember Lemuria

A 9-Week In Person JourneyJOURNEY IS IN PROCESSIn this journey, we will utilize Ancient Wisdom and tools from an 8000 year old prophecy to:Step out of the life taking matrix & from feeling at war with yourself and life.
Expand your consciousness into a life supporting system.
Align with your True Nature.
Remember you are one with Nature.
Remember you are one with Life.
Remember how to live in harmony with yourself and your life.
This will include:
Medicine Journey's
Ancient Ceremony
Celestial & Terrestrial Animal KaWa (Medicine)
Location: The Stretch Space, Kitsilano
Dates: Monday's
April 22
May 13, 20, 27
June 3, 10, 17, 24
Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm
Exchange: $399
E-transfer to:
or pay with card by clicking join below

Personal Clearing
75 minutes

The intention of this session is to bring you to clarity & peace so you may navigate your life with greater ease.
Utilizing tools of the principles of first light.
When you book your session, we will create the optimal session for your needs at the time. The choices of modalities include: breathwork, sound, frequency & energy healing to clear your energy.

Harmonized Family Roots Sound Healing
75 minutes
The intention of this session is to bring harmony to you and your family with a beautiful sound journey. Utilizing incredible frequencies of the gong, shruti box, crystal singing bowls, wave drum, rain tower, koshi bells, tuning forks and chimes, your family will enter a state of peace and harmony together. From this place, memories of harmony are created in your family roots. This will serve all relations to bring them into the highest frequencies of connection. New born babies respond especially well to these sessions, they relax deeply which gives a moment for mum and dad to come into deep relaxation as well.

Group Clearing
90 minute group clearing session

This session is intended for you & your family, chosen family or friends. The session will deepen your connection with your relations.
The result is peace, clarity & love in your relationships.
The session will utilize healing tools of the Principles of First Light. Upon booking we will create the optimal journey for the needs of your group. The choices include: breathwork, sound, frequency & energy healing.

Dragon Ride Ceremony
April 22, 2024
With Dragon Master Huna Ka Hi Wa Ha
A Lemurian Group Therapy Protocal that heals and expands ones capacity through an immense opening and cracking of wounds/memories from the past.
A journey of remembrance and reawakening to the ancient wisdom that resides within us. Bringing forth the embrace of boundless possibilities of the future.
This is the ancient future we are called to remember and manifest.
A future where the light shines brightly, guiding us toward our highest destiny, for the one in the many, the many in the one.

Maggie Lake
Dragon Ride & Ceremony
Connect to
Land, Water and Sky.
Oct 3-6
Registration Begins:
June 15th
Max 12 Participants

What is Lemuria?Lemuria is known as the time before confusion. It is a time where all nations live together in harmony. A time where all beings know where they stand and are confident and peaceful as a result of this knowing.What is the purpose of connecting to Lemuria?The purpose of connecting to Lemuria is to bring our current reality into Lemuria, so that we may once again live in harmony, peace and confidence as a civilization.How do I connect to Lemuria?We connect to Lemuria utilizing tools and technologies that have been passed down through ancient wisdom teachings. These wisdom teachings have been received from Maori elder, Mauta Kumara Taki. Within our cellular memory, we all remember this time, it has just been covered up by distorted energies in our DNA. The tools and technologies of Lemuria, support the reversal of all distorted energies within our DNA, so the memory of Lemuria can be uncovered and remembered.The tools and technologies support us in connecting to the frequencies of sacredness, equality, harmony, prosperity, peace, joy and love, so that we may live as a peaceful and harmonious nation, once again.What will connecting to Lemuria do for me?As you work with the ancient technologies of Lemuria, you will release distorted stories & memories from your body and return them to their original pure state. This will free your energy to receive your authentic self and the ancient wisdom that is within your cellular memory.Connecting to Lemuria will connect you to a life serving matrix of energy. In this benevolent matrix, you are unbound by wounds and unbound by time. Life is spacious and free. Life supports you, sustains and nourishes you.

Stay tuned for upcoming ceremonies in service to the land, water & sky, in Vancouver and the lower mainland